So what is Crowdfunding anyway?

Posted on 31 July 2014

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After launching my possible campaign last week, one of my sisters (I have five), came to me after I'd put some stuff up on my personal Facebook and was like "what is crowd funding anyway?"

So incase you are wondering exactly the same thing...here it is - Crowd-funding is where you get a crowd of people to fund something. Yep, just like that. 
Essentially asking people to partner with you and get a dream or project off the ground. To give it a kick start. A boost. A financial jump start. But it's all or nothing. If you don't reach the target, there is nothing. 

I knew I wanted to get these prints out there as soon as possible, and I thought this might just be the quickest way. And also build some buzz and a bit of a community around this dream. I wanted to invite people to be a part of this dream. Because it's not just about the money. I believe in this. And it is just as exciting to see others believe in it too as it is to see the tally rise.  

It's kind of nerve-wracking to put yourself out there with this kind of fundraising. But, I love community, authenticity, and big dreams and and that's exactly why I chose to start my business this way.  

Thanks so much for those who have come along and are part of my 'crowd' already! I love where this is going...

Jordan x


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  • Kaleigh: January 27, 2015

    With all these silly websstei, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

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