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Welcome to Honey & Gold...where Faith & design meet.

I am Jordan. A graphic designer. wife. mum to three kids. believer in jesus and all round lover of life.

As a graphic designer, I love beautiful things. I also believe in Jesus and scripture. The idea of designing stylish wall prints has been brewing for a while. Then early in 2014, one of my sisters took her own life, and I knew that I could no longer put this idea off. Life is short and we are all here for a reason. I’m wondering if this is my purpose in this season...

Its through rough times in life that you depend on the truth you have stored up in your heart and mind. You call on these gems when the thoughts of fear overwhelm. When doubt creeps in. When temptation taunts. When mistakes are made. When you need to know you are valued. Loved. Worthy.

I want you to have God’s word in your home. In front of you. To inspire. To remind. To re-focus. To speak truth over you. To be there in the trenches. To lift your eyes. 
I know life gets messy, we all have issues, and as a mum of three kids, I need these reminders every. single. day. And while there are memory verses out there, the kind of scripture I want to put up in my home, I'd really like it to look as beautiful as the meaning behind it.

I know I am not the only one who believes in Jesus and good design. :) In a nutshell, that is what Honey & Gold is all about. 

I thank you for supporting this dream and I pray you will find encouragement & beauty in the art you find here. 
Much love, 
Jordan xo

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Balancing Work, Design & Family

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