How to frame your wall art {unique ways of hanging your prints}

Posted on 30 December 2014

"How do I hang my wall print?" is probably the most common questions I get asked. So today I want to show you what works best for me, and also share a few non-traditional hanging options.
If you gave a print to someone this Christmas, as I know many of you did (thank you!), you can point them back to this article for some handy tips!

The most common way I display my prints is in a traditional frame. You can see a few different frame options in the Facebook customer album. But, I live near Ikea, so my fall back frame is the Ribba Ikea frame. I know this one says it's for A4, but I like it without the frame matt (it's not quite pure white so clashes a little for me), so this 30x 40cm one works great for the Honey & Gold A3 prints.

A little warning, you will have to trim about one centimetre from each end of the print as the Ikea sizes are a little off I find. It comes in a number of different colours too, so I'm sure there would be something that works. 
Otherwise, just a regular A3 (11.7" x 16.5") sized frame from a craft shop, cheap shop or department store would be the best fit. 

To hang, I use these amazing 3M velcro tabs. We rent so these are a great damage free option. Having said that, they are fantastic generally too as you don't need to fiddle around with nails and hammers or make any adjustments for the slack of a hanging wire; it’s level and lines up when doing a gallery wall for example. Smart 3M, very smart!

Sometimes you may want something less permanent or a different aesthetic to a traditional framed print and this is where clips, pegs and tape come in. Use fancy bull dog clips or pretty washi tape to add a little something to your walls. Or why not use a wooden hanger or wire frame. 
I've been pinning these samples and love the different looks they create. 

On a shelf


Wire Hangers

Gallery Wall

Dowel Hanger (and simple DIY)

Washi Tape

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let me know if you create something fun and unique!
I hope this is helpful but please feel free to leave a comment or question about displaying your prints.
Talk soon... Jordan x

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