Philippians 3:14

Posted on 21 March 2021

We’re preparing for school cross country today. Obviously the teachers have been preparing Lexies' year 1 class for what to expect, as this was pretty much the first thing she said to me when she woke up today - “The finish line is far away, but everyone will cheer you on”.

Her summary of cross country kind of made me think she’d summed up life pretty well too! 😀

It reminds me of this verse in Philippians.

The ‘finish line’, or the end of a hard season we are in, or the simple relentlessness of the daily grind, or heaven itself, can all feel so far sometimes. Running is tiring.

But I’m hoping you have a ‘running crew’ that are cheering you on today. That you have the understanding, fun and life-giving friends who can clap you all the way to the finish line! Not only that you have a few of these ‘cheer-ers’ but I hope you can be one to others as well.

Lace up and keep running friends! :)
Much love, Jordan xo

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