Psalm 91

Posted on 15 May 2022

Psalm 91 - often known as the ‘fear psalm’ it has been a regular reminder and anchor in my life. A gift of peace in the valleys and storms.
Through miscarriages, death of a sister and heart breaking disappointments and dashed dreams, this Psalm has been the reminder of Gods care, protection, provision and love.
And I don’t say those things lightly. I have needed to know and be reminded of those characteristics of God many many times in different ways.
In those seasons of hardship, worry or heartbreak, there are some verses from this chapter of the Bible that have been a lifeline and on repeat in my head throughout a day. That is what Hope means to me - my circumstances might say one thing but my God says something else.
I know who’s voice I want to be the loudest.
This wall print has my heart because this Psalm has my heart. There is so much encouragement I find in it. 
Jordan xo

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