Trust in the Lord

Posted on 17 June 2021


I was sharing at our churches women’s morning this week. All about Jesus’ provision in our lives.

Sharing how we can walk through hard things in life with our faith in Jesus intact…
• By looking back at what he has done in our own lives and in the Bible.
• Looking around us as we see what he has already given us.
• And looking forward, keeping the end game of heaven & eternity in mind.

It really can bring perspective to our lives, particularly when we are in the messy middle of unanswered prayers or wondering where Jesus provision will come from.

On a personal level, as I was preparing and looking back on my own hard seasons, it made me remember all the times Jesus DID come through. It builds faith & hope for the the current season of trusting Jesus as I step out into a bit of the unknown. 
So whatever you’re walking through at the moment -
Remember Gods faithfulness from the past
Practice gratitude
Keep trusting
Keep praying

And remember…

'The bravest prayer you have ever prayed is the one you’ve prayed a thousand times'. - Mark Batterson.

Share with a friend who needs this encouragement today. xo 

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