When we Feel Helpless...

Posted on 02 March 2022

There a lot going on right?! Conflict overseas, floods, loss, grief. It can leave us wondering where the joy is, what the purpose is and what we’re meant to do about everything we see around us. Right?!

It can be downright overwhelming.
And sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by what we can do to help.

We can feel helpless.

If you’re like me, you wish you could just make it all better for everyone.
We wish we could do everything. But there’s only one saviour…And we definitely aren’t it! 

Can I encourage you to pray?
Yes pray for the situations themselves.
For those most affected by these circumstances and dire situations.

But also pray for how God would like you to help. He will create opportunities if we seek him.
Is that to donate?
Is that to Write a letter to a politician?
Physically help with cleaning up flooded homes?
Baking something to drop off at an evacuation shelter?
Make a meal for someone?
Babysit for someone so they can put together an insurance claim…
So many small things we can do.

But ask God.
He’ll bring along an opportunity to say yes to. He’ll plant an idea in your mind or a conviction to follow.

Seek him first friends…
If you have a heart to love, help and be a carrier of Hope, God will give you an idea and an opportunity. We don’t need to carry the burdens of the world.
We’re not that strong, but He is!

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