Sleeping off Motherhood

Posted on 07 April 2016

How is it that we can love and laugh with these kids of ours, but they also drive us to the brink? It's called school holidays. Work. House management. Toddlers. Middle of the Night. No sleep. I could go on....and I'm thinking maybe you could match me point for point! So tired today, folks. So very tired.

I told Dave last month for my birthday, that I just wanted alone time. Is that weird or what?! I am an extrovert by nature, but I'm pretty sure these young children have sucked every bit of 'talk and touch time' out of me! I'm ready to just run off into the wilderness and do absolutely jack squat. Do I hear an amen?

I was serious about the birthday request, so I booked myself in for an overnight city vacation. Ha! It's coming up this weekend and I absolutely can. not. wait! 

Wandering. Shops. Riverside. Book. Relaxing. Culture. Grown up eats. Art. Inspiration. Sleep. TV. Nothing. These are my dreams for this weekend. I hope it meets my expectations and I get to sleep off some motherhood!

Till then my friends, soldier on! xo

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  • Melissa: June 01, 2016

    That is such a great idea! I have wanted to ask for an alone weekend for my birthday for the past couple of years but have not been brave enough. Even if I just spent the weekend sleeping and eating room service chips, it would really recharge me and I could dive back in, fully recharged. Maybe this year… :)

  • Kelsey: April 08, 2016

    SO wonderful! I had a fantastic solo weekend in Victoria when Ben was a toddler, and I can’t wait to do it again. Afternoon naps, late night dinners at nice restaurants, and sweet sweet silence. :) Enjoy!!

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