Weekend of Awesome

Posted on 04 April 2016

One thing Dave and I are trying to do this year is rest more. Not your average nanna naps, but learning to relax. To recoup, refresh and rest from the usual daily grind. With both of us working for ourselves, it's such an easy, and to be honest, comfortable, thing to just work whenever there are down times in the evening, and in our weekly schedule. 

We have always prioritised church on a Sunday, but we haven't really done well in the past of doing nothing on the weekends. Or even better doing 'fun' on the weekends. I think that's what made this weekend the weekend of 'awesome'. On Saturday, we drove out to the waterfront, rode on our bikes for a few km as the sun started to go down. I kept thinking of the BCF ad and saying to myself "this is living". It made we want to move back to that part of the world. 

Then yesterday after church we went down the coast as Dave had booked in to use his birthday present of a flyboard experience (yes that is his crazy self levitating above the water!) . We hung out with friends at the beach followed by obligatory fish and chips by the water. How good is this country?!

I have to remind myself to do this relaxing thing more and realise the effort with small children is sometimes in my head. If I can get us all out the door, we will have amazing memories and fun! 

I hope you had a wonderful relaxing weekend. At least a break from the norm!

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