Infertility & Trusing in the Lord / a Honey & Gold story

Posted on 22 January 2015

I have mentioned on Instagram & Facebook that I've received some lovely stories from people who have bought or been gifted a Honey & Gold wall print. I asked a few people if I could share their stories here to encourage you and remind us that God's truth from the Bible can speak to us in so many different circumstances. I guess that's why it's called the 'living word' eh?!  
Today's story touches on a sensitive topic for many, but I hope you are encouraged to focus on Jesus today. 

I've been meaning to write for a while & say thanks for my beautiful wall art. I'll tell you the story & hope I'm not over sharing 

I didn't make a choice of which one I wanted, as you know. (Ed. - When Honey & Gold started we did a crowdfunding campaign & people received a free print in exchange for their pledge.) I liked them all & decided that God could pick one, which may be silly but that is what I did. I thought, when one arrives in the mail that will be the one. Anyway, when 'Trust in the Lord' came I thought that's nice, a good reminder, and it was perhaps silly to think that something would jump out at me.

It sat on the ironing board for a while, then moved to the piano - during this time I glanced at it I guess & it was a gentle word. Then when we found out that I didn't respond at all to the drugs in our 5th IVF cycle I was shocked & upset - but God spoke very clearly to me that it wasn't my thing, I wasn't in control, didn't need to be & shouldn't stress about it ... all I had to do was trust in The Lord! The news brought more struggles for my husband than me to be honest - and I can easily recollect 5 times in the last week that Ive pointed at it & said Trust in The Lord. Anyway this morning was the grand finale for this round & as my husband gave me a hug, over his shoulder I read, Trust in The Lord! I really did laugh out loud. I still don't have the right hooks to hang it but still it's been perfect.

Thank you for following your heart. Thank you for putting scripture in our home & hearts. Thank you for helping God carry us. Thank you for being faithful in giving with your talents. Thank you for taking the leap. Thank you for creating the avenue for Him to speak. Thank you for sharing your journey. Thank you xo 

Love loads xo


If you have a story about how God's word has been an anchor during a particular time in your life (it doesn't have to be in relation to our prints), I'd love to hear it! Email jordan(at)honeyandgold.com.au 

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