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Posted on 16 February 2015

I use to think that faith was dependant on the grit and desperation of my faithful prayers. I am learning that faith is more about the courage to walk in the direction of your dreams, knowing it was God who placed them there.

We are in the midst of pursuing a business dream of ours which is proving to be such a huge journey. Looking at stories from Jesus's life and the character of God, I'm learning so much about faith and what that means in this intense season. 

I remember a few years ago when we were desperate to sell our house. I would have said at the time that I was trusting God, but looking back, we were clouded by desperation and a little bit of panic, which motivated us to pray. Don't get me wrong, prayer is a great thing to do regardless of the motivation or how your feeling. We should be taking all our concerns to God. But looking back now, I realised, I felt like it was up to us to rack up a certain quota of prayers, before surely the scales would tip in our favour and our prayer would finally be answered. Or that I had to try so hard to be 'positive polly' and that if I allowed a gram of doubt through the security gate of my mind, then all those prayers were suddenly void.  
Such weird thoughts and misunderstanding of our sovereign God. 

As we are again in another quite intense part of our story, praying for God's provision, I find myself more confident of God's ability to provide all we need this time round. I find I am less 'desperate' if you will. My desire for this venture to be get over the line is definitely still as strong as ever, but I have an inner calm. A confidence, that if we continue to walk this road we feel we are meant to be on, then God will make a way, even when there is buckley's chance of us doing this thing in the real world. And I don't say that lightly. We really have no way of doing this venture without God. It actually makes me a little bit giggly excited to see how it might all pan out. If this is the right opportunity, then how will God perform this miracle? Through a contact or angel investor? Through a softening of a bank managers heart? Through a willed fortune from a far off rich uncle? (haha! wouldn't that be nice : )

In my regular devotions I have re-read familiar stories that have really got in and become my hope and anchor:

// The story of Daniel & his friends who ask for permission to not defile themselves with the kings fancy food. It says that God "caused the official to show favour and sympathy to Daniel". We need that kind of favour. And I'm thankful, that that's my God. 

// The story of the paralytic man who's friends couldn't find a way to get him in front of Jesus. They didn't let the crowds stop him, but instead they pushed on and went up to the roof and lowered their friend down for his front row seat & healing. It says in Luke five, that "when Jesus saw their faith" he healed and forgave. It was their faith. When things weren't looking great, they kept on, with courage, with confidence.

Faith is doing. Faith is moving forward, not just sitting praying. Faith is "gutsy". That's the faith I want to live. 

The last story sticking with me at the moment is: 

// When the Israelites are complaining (again) of having just manna to eat, they ask for meat and when Moses asks God, he says yes, he'll give them meat (yay!). Moses then asks God where he's going to get all that meat from (costco?!), saying all their flocks and all the fish in the ocean would not be enough to do what he has promised. But God answers him with a question "Is the Lords arm too short?" (Numbers 11:23). I love that. God then creates a wind, and all these quail just fly their way. Random and cool hey? And it says that they had 'more than enough'. God's arm is definitely long enough. Generous enough for all my needs.

Is there anything you are praying for today that only God can delivery on? He is big enough. His hand is long enough for your circumstances. He is enough. 

Be encouraged, 
Jordan xo

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  • Rosalind : February 23, 2015

    Thanks Jordan xx

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