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Posted on 01 May 2015

One of the changes to my priorities this year is the need for me to put my health and fitness a bit higher than it has been in the past. I have a few "leftover" baby kg's that I want to shave off and with hormone issues going on, I know that a bit of regular exercise will do my mental and physical life a great deal of good. A couple of days after I'd made that internal commitment, I had a gym deal pop up in my letterbox. So it was done. I would once again be a gym bunny. One of the main reasons I like the gym over doing something myself at home, are the classes. Other people. Music. Motivation. Fun. I'm there!

In an effort to start slow and maybe create little stress-less version of myself I chose a 'Body Balance' class. One hour of a mix of pilates, yoga, core strengthening and relaxation. I was there. Pumped, ready. 

I arrive and am a little unsure of the unspoken rules of the class. How much room do I need around me? Do I need to put my towel out? Where do I put my stuff? Is it going to be in someone's way? I'm kind of surprised to see three blokes in the class. I wonder if maybe they're stressed out corporates who need a mid-week chill out. Anyway, I'm not one to judge. I'm not exactly the pilates poster girl myself. 
I shuffle around and move my mat around the room in two different positions before settling on a quiet spot. I squeeze in at the back trying to make sure I'm not going to be doing some downward dog position in someone’s face. I feel like I'm going up against the yoga pro’s. Big sigh of relief as the lights get dimmed. 

I was kind of bored at the beginning to be honest. Doing slow skyward stretches and slumping to my toes, wondering if I would last the hour. My to-do list at home is running through my head. But I finally got in a rhythm and was lungeing with the best of them. Squatting. Lungeing. Breathing. Repeat. Then suddenly, mid-stretch, I see a beaming white light bursting from my 3/4 pants…flesh! I have a hole in the thigh of my pants! How hilarious. It's quite the predicament to hold in your 'core' while trying to stifle a giggle. It got dangerous for a second! I tried to shimmy my pants up my leg to create some slack and try to cover up the lily white skin poking through. It was a little futile. I giggled my way through the rest of the class. Partly thankful it wasn’t the crotch, and also quietly impressed that these 8yr old leggings have held up until now. Well done leggings. Farewell. You definitely went out with a bang! 

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