The Fringe Hours Book Review

Posted on 09 April 2015

If a fan club of author Shauna Niequiest existed, I'd pretty much be there with pom poms. I love her everyday relationship with Jesus, the way she loves others and gathers people around her table, the stories she pulls from the experiences of her life; she's just so down to earth and relatable. I totally respect that kind of warmth and authenticity. I read her blog, follow her on instagram and own her books, and so when my buddy Shauna recommended the newly released 'The Fringe Hours' by Jessica Turner, I of course obediently trotted off and bought the book. 

I actually bought it for myself for my birthday because, I do stuff like that. So then I have at least present to open if the world forgets my special day! :) But back to the book... 

Jessica is a wife, mum of three children, works full time, authors a blog (and now book), seems to love and care for those around her. But she doesn't pretend to 'do it all' but instead in this book she shares a whole lot of things she doesn't do, so that she can in fact do the things she does which she enjoys. 

She gently guides you along a journey of discovering why we need to feed our souls as women and mums. But she doesn't leave you there; instead through small spaces throughout each chapter she has put questions for you to fill in as you go to help discover and draw out as much as possible. 

I actually think that format is my favourite part - there are no heavy Q&A's at the end of each chapter that, honestly, I skip over if I'm reading a book. Having them instead scattered throughout makes them relevant and I found myself reading with a pencil, filling out as I went!

I love that is helped me discover more about me and the things that, outside my family, work & obligations, bring me joy for joy's sake. Things that maybe I'd forgotten I even liked and use to enjoy before I had children. 

I find it hard to justify 'wasted time', but I feel after reading this book, I have been given a permission slip to routinely put away the to do list and just fill my tank.


Nothing really. I wouldn't say this book is 'meaty' or earth shattering, but instead it's a gentle guiding of your heart back to the things that light you up from the inside.
Overall it was a really good easy read. Thought provoking, but not too full on that it left me consumed. I have already recommended it and gifted it to friends. I think you'll like it too. 

And, I think I'm officially joining the Jessica Turner fan club too, you can join me in following her over on instagram.

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