Real life // Fun Friday

Posted on 22 May 2015

A couple of months ago I did a customer survey over on Facebook. It was really insightful seeing the things you guys would love to see more & less of, I'm so thankful. I've got even more ideas are cooking!

One comment surprised me however when a woman shared she would like to see less 'styled' photos of the prints and more real life. I was actually really flattered. My home 'styled'?? I was like "I've made it!". "I'm going to be in the next issue of RealLiving!" But the truth is  I love Instagram because we crop to a small bitty square, and the junk can stay out of the frame. It's photographic magic. Anyone who visits my home will know a styled photo is one mean feat! I have to tidy up the sock & plate and toys. I have to wait for the baby to sleep, the preschooler to be occupied, the light to be shining through the window just right. It's quite the project. And then two seconds after I get the photo it goes back to normal....

Yep, this is pretty much a regular day in my loungeroom!

So thank you lovely customer for your compliment. I was so chuffed. But, today's photo is dedicated to you and keeping things real!

Have a great weekend folks!
love Jordan x 

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