When your dream needs a pep talk (Inspiration) // Fun Friday

Posted on 05 June 2015

I love reading and learning about business stuff. I get inspired by entrepraneurs who have niche or huge dreams and just kept on pursuing them and refuse to allow the 'normal' life stop them from aiming high. Actually, most well known iconic brands, entrepreneurs & world changers have creative and unique stories of how they began, often from less than ideal circumstances. Think Oprah, Steve Jobs, Facebook, Mother Theresa, and many less famous creatives who I'm personally inspired by. People who have an idea, don't give up and just make it happen - blood, sweat & tears.
I came across this video today and it totally got me pumped! Some days the gap between where Honey & Gold is and where I see it in the future, seems too big a divide. Then I watch something like this and I'm totally gee-d up to 'just do it'! I hope it inspires you too. 
Happy Weekend!
Jordan xo

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