Man flu + Wastelands

Posted on 23 November 2015

As a mum, I dream of lying in bed all day, relaxing, watching a movie, eating snacks, maybe even doing some sketching or colouring. This weekend I did just that, only it wasn't the pinterest perfect laze in bed you might be imagining. I had the flu. I think I caught it from my Dave who thankfully didn't keel over from the strain he had. Man flu is a terrible, terrible thing. 
It's amazing though that something I dream of during a long day can actually become boring after a couple of days. I'm thankfully up and around today. Not straying too far from home or the box of tissues, but I'm ready for this new week. 

This weeks verse is from Isaiah 43:19. It's another of those old-come-new scriptures that I feel is relevant all over again. It seems to be popping up everywhere. Like when you buy a certain car and suddenly you see ‘your’ car everywhere! 

I lovethat the Bible is timeless and something that was a favourite verse cycles around. This verse form Isaiah has been that for me. I remember memorising it before I got married at a time when life was at a cross road and I was kind of in a rut. And now, fast forward over a decade and I feel we’re in another rut and it’s relevant all over again. They don’t call it the ‘Living Word’ for nothing I guess! It can apply to different areas in different seasons. 

As a couple we have been in a holding pattern of sorts since moving back to Australia from overseas. It’s been such a weird roller coaster of a ride for the past two years. We are still tied up overseas from living in Canada which has been kind of messy and limiting to life back here at home. We have prayed, we have expected, we have been walking toward opportunities that seemed to come knocking. But yet, we get bumped back and it feels like we’re sitting in the same spot all over again. Ever been there? I hope I’m the only one, because it can often be discouraging. But, this verse has been ringing true and giving me hope.

God is doing a new thing. He will make a way. A wasteland, or desert is not a natural place for a river, yet God creates one. He can do that for me. He can do that for you. 
He doesn’t get restricted by our world and the 'natural'. He is sovereign, and He is good. Those are the truths that shine through when maybe other things don’t make sense. I hold on to that. 

Are you praying for something new. A change? Maybe it’s a slight adjustment, frustration or weakness. Or maybe you’re praying for a complete shift or one eighty in some area of life. He can do a new thing. Let’s pray together for that. 

I hope you have a great week, and remember if you want to say hi or share what's going in in your world, you can always email me! 

Much Love, 
Jordan x

P.S. I love that this photo behind the verse is actually from the Negev desert in Israel. I couldn't believe it when I was searching this verse and came across this exact word picture! (pic)

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