Hello 2016!

Posted on 13 January 2016

Hello 2016 from Honey & Gold
Image via: Megan Mackernan


So happy to be back in the saddle this week! It was a mad rush getting all your orders out before Christmas, but we made it! I hope those you gifted prints or memory verses to liked them and are being encouraged daily by them. 

How was your Christmas & New Year? We had a really lovely Christmas day. Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year and after last Christmas being the first one without my sister, I had high hopes and big plans to make this one full of fun and joy again. It wasn't Pinterest worthy, but we baked, prepared and counted down with much more excitement this year. Loved it. 

New Years evening was spent bowling and bbq-ing with our life group. I have an inkling it's going to be a really good year with these guys. We had a few new families join last year and it feels like it's just getting better and better. So thankful for genuine and authentic people to walk alongside in life. 

Then the first week in the new year, my family takes a holiday up at the Sunny Coast. It's always full of talking, games, pool, beach and food on a constant rotation. This year was no exception. The weather was perfect and it was absolute heaven! It was our only holiday this past year and hands down was my favourite week! I normally get some alone beach time to think and dwell on the near year ahead, but I felt completely present and in the moment so it didn't really happen, but surprisingly I didn't actually mind.
Since coming home though, I have been thinking about the year ahead; work, life, balance, parenting, church, all the parts of my life. I'm not a huge new year resolution maker, but I really loved reading this goal setting article from Don Miller that came into my inbox yesterday. This guy is a real inspiration on a business front so I've printed it out and hope to read through it again in more detail when I get a chance. Maybe even write 'three things' down!

I know some people have a word or resolutions they keep in their mind all year. Do you have a word? Or some goals you're wanting to share? I'd love to hear them!

Jordan xo

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