Posted on 06 December 2017

Best Christian music for kids
I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a round up of Christian music for kids. If we really want to train our Children in God's ways, music is a great way to get some truth into their hearts from a young age. Here's a few that are our family favourites (I realise these are 'old school' CD's but most are also available on iTunes if you prefer : ): 


Donut Man 
I remember The Donut Man when I was a kid...when they were on cassette tape!! I recently re-discovered them for my own kids. For solid Bible teaching and truth, and 'stick-in-your-head' memory verses, these CD's are my current fave. The 'Just for Kids' series is the ones we have and I can't recommend them enough. They are quirky, fun and a little bit old school, but I find my kids singing these songs around the house more than anything else we have.  
I have seen these once at Koorong, but I have bought them direct from the States more recently (maybe team up with a friend and split the shipping...they are totally worth it!)

Donut Man website (website is a little odd but we got our order in about 2wks)   

Seeds Family Worship 
I love the model of these guys and their ministry to family. When you purchase a CD, you get two; one for you and one to give away. Great idea hey! The unique thing about these guys are that their songs are word-for-word scripture. Something I have not seen anwhere else. So when you are learning the songs, those verses are getting in there!
Their albums come with matching DVD's that are perfect for Church ministry etc, with actions and words! They are always producing new content and some of their albums feature some well known Christian bands and artists.

Seeds Family worship website

Bethel Kids 
From the same crew who write the songs you probably sing every Sunday morning, the Bethel Music Kids album 'Come Alive', released last year, has some familiar tracks reinvented and fun. The DVD that comes with it is a favourite with my kids. (Lots of dance practice going on!) Watching the DVD first, meant they then had reference for listening to the CD in the car and made requesting songs (like 'the one where they're riding their bikes') easier to skip to! A really fun album even for the older primary kids. 

Bethel Music Kids website | Available Online

Dan Warlow
Dan's first album is 'Great Adventure' and earlier this year he released his latest, 'Jump for Joy'. His is Australian, and his songs are full of truth and fun for a wide range of kids. 
We know Dan through Church, and so have also seen him perform live (you should totally book him for your next event!) and the actions and words are easy and catchy. His latest album features the Watoto Children's Choir and Colin Buchanan.

Dan Warlow website | Available online


Which brings me to...

Colin Buchanan
Does Colin even need an introduction? Originally from Playschool days, Colin has a truck load of "aussie as" songs, albums and DVD's. While he has some lovely slower songs, fun and silly are his trademark. He mixes them with bible verses and stories and a little bit of wackiness, which make him a classic for kids! 

Colin Buchanan website | Available online


I hope thats helpful! If theres someone you love and you think I should check out, shoot me an email or tag @honeyandgoldau on instagram!

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