Posted on 05 November 2017


He's in the Waiting I have found myself in the waiting room many times through this life of mine. It’s hard. I have prayed so earnestly wanting to move into the amazing, alive, fun, party room. But I often find myself staring at the plain ole’ walls of the waiting room. Maybe you're waiting too...Waiting to be married. Waiting to hear from God. Waiting for direction. Waiting to fall pregnant. Waiting to be financially secure. Waiting for justice. Waiting for an apology. Waiting till the kids are all in school. Waiting to take that most amazing holiday (waiting till I look good in a bikini!!). Waiting for healing…

I know the waiting room is not where the action is. It can feel so lonely in that waiting room sometimes. Like the doctors gone home and you’re in there by yourself with the outdated Women’s Weekly magazine.

But…what if that waiting room isn’t a sterile, clinical environment but is actually a re-grouping room of sorts. We don’t just sit on our butts, but mingle with others. A place we come back to time and again. A place where we build on relationship. We learn. We study. We grow. We take those next steps. We seek. We rest. It’s a place we remember to pick up our prayers again.

The waiting room becomes a second home. God is in the waiting…He’s right there. The waiting is what hones and refines us. The waiting is the yearning. The leaning in. The craning your neck to hear what He wants to say to you. Waiting for that direction and next step. The waiting is dependence only on Him. We become desperate for God in the waiting. I know God is everywhere, but he is so close in the waiting room. 

I’m so loving the song 'Take Courage' by Kristene DiMarco at the moment (aren’t we all?! : ). The line ‘He’s in the waiting’ is the hook, but there’s a second part that tells us why we can trust Him in this waiting; “You who hold the stars, who call them each by name. Will surely keep your promises to me.”

I find this line so encouraging. We know from scripture God names the stars (Psalm 147:4). The infinite stars & galaxies. They all have a name even before they are discovered by the human eye and scientists give them a name, God has already named them. We’re still millions of stars out from categorising them, but there He is. They’re all accounted for.

While he takes the time to name the objects that he just ‘flung into space’, imagine how much more care he takes knowing, naming and loving something He ‘made in His image’. How good is our God! 

So if you are waiting today, be encouraged. You are known to Him. You are not forgotten. Xo


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