It's a BIG world after all

Posted on 14 May 2018

Sometimes I can forget how big God's plan is. How big his purposes are. I don't know about you, but often, my head is bowed looking at the little thing before me that I forget the grand-ness of God. I get so consumed by my own little world. The everyday. The grind. The looking at what is just ahead. I get swallowed up in the calendar. The plans. Seeking the best options for every choice. Overwhelmed. I forget I am part of something much bigger. A world-wide church. A community bigger than my suburb. And a simple, but challenging call to just love God with all my heart.
When all the daily is stripped away. That is what remains. That is all that is asked of me. 
From the beginning God had an overarching plan. From the garden of Eden to the garden of Gethsemane. His plan swept over and above all of the Bible stories in between. Every story. Every detail points to God's plan in sending Jesus to us and then leaving his Spirit with us to continue his plan. His plan is bigger than my own little world. It reaches far above. We get to fit into HIS plan. 
Does he care about our worlds? There is no doubt he does! But, does he call us back to himself, for us to be Kingdom focused at every turn and every opportunity he can? You bet!

He has been calling me back to a simple life. A simple life that Glorifies Him. He calls us to live, simply to bring Glory to him. That is all. Yes, use my talents. Yes, live intentionally. Yes, have fun. Yes, enjoy these days and moments.

But....the point is...

It's not about my world. My world is too small for my BIG God. 


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