Leaving a Legacy of Faithfulness

Posted on 17 October 2020

Earlier this week Dave’s Grandma, the matriarch of his big Russian family, passed away. She fits this quote perfectly. Not perfect herself, but she was a faithful prayerful woman.
From being persecuted by her own husband (like hiding in a barn, pregnant and under threat he was going to kill her kind of persecuted) she has seen not only her husband but her own 10 children and many of her 100+ grandchildren become Christians.
She lived a sold out, no compromise kind of faith and prayed for each family each day.
Another example to think on when it comes to the “small and mighty” of life. The faithful in the little things. The seemingly ‘insignificant’ people who leave a legacy further reaching than we may ever know.
I want to be one of those people. Now and for the generations to come. A challenge to live a faithful obedient life.

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