Look for the Fruit

Posted on 21 January 2021

    Something I’ve been thinking about a bit these past few weeks is how there are so many opinions and divisiveness over people of prominence. You don’t have to go far in your scrolling or on your screen to see people on different sides of different fences!

    “We love that person.” “We don’t trust that person.” “They did that, so we no longer are a fan.” Etc etc. so much judgement and so many opinions. I’m not one to shy away from an opinion, but it’s sometimes hard to even know what to think or what opinion to form when all the information and judgements are coming at us!

    However, I think Jesus gives us a pretty good litmus test when it comes to determining who might be worthy of our trust, and our good opinion.

    It says in Matthew 7:16 that ‘by their fruit you will recognise them.’

    You will recognise people of character by the fruit of their lives. What decisions do they make? How do they treat people? What do they value in life?

    The other thing this wisdom reminds me of is also that fruit takes time. It’s not wise of me to jump to any premature conclusions on someone’s character until I’ve actually seen what kind of fruit they are producing. And fruit is not instant!

    Gee I hope I have good fruit. That’s my prayer.
    And maybe this litmus test of Jesus’ will be forefront as we watch news, read stories, or before we jump into a gossiping conversation.

    Literal food for thought tonight! :)
    Jordan xo

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