Modern gratitude journal and a lesson in counting your blessings.

Posted on 29 July 2019

Gratitude Journal
Growing up, my mum had a print on her wall that I still remember to this day.

Imagine if you can a country styled illustration of a family of bonnet-wearing geese.  Dusky colours of blue, pink and cream. A mother goose with a handful of little waddling goslings trailing behind her. Above these little webbed feet characters was the phrase ‘count your blessings’. Maybe your mum (or grandma) had something similar. It was the 90’s in a frame.

The art of being thankful is not anything new. 

The actual practice of being thankful, however, did become real for me a few years ago. I was in a season where I felt stuck and a big ongoing prayer was not being answered. I was having a hard time seeing that, just because this one big prayer was not being answered, that anything good was happening in my life. 

The old reminder to ‘count my blessings’, to intentionally stop and account for all the good that was happening in my life, became a turning point for me. 

No longer was I being directed by my feelings or this one overarching prayer for God to show up; but instead, I was looking for the ways he was already showing up in my life. Smaller but still just as significant. Writing these down in a little notebook reminded me that he was still there. He was still good. 
Counting your blessings Gratitude Journal
I eventually designed something a little prettier than my plain notebook, and this journal came to be. I wanted to share this new found habit and encourage others to create the daily practice of ‘counting your blessings’, or as we call it here in 2019, ‘gratitude’! : )

Each page of the gratitude journal is lead by the prompt ‘today I am thankful for…’ and has groups of five things you can note down each day. At the bottom of each page is a psalm of provision and praise. And it comes ready to hang or slide in a drawer.
Thankfulness Gratitude journal
If you are needing to have your eyes focused on the One who made you The One who sees you and knows you, and who has not forgotten you, can I encourage you to start this practice? It might just be a turning point in your life!

Be encouraged, 

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Gratitude Journal

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