The story behind the Seen Known Loved Journal Collection

Posted on 01 January 2020

Seen. Known. Loved.

When I was a young adult, and going through relationship woes (oh boy…they were awkward days, am I right?!) I read some great books by Christian author Max Lucado. One story that really framed my world view and perception of Jesus, was how he told a story of Jesus in a crowded room. The room was full and Jesus is talking and teaching those around him. The people are crowding in around and are all after something. More knowledge. All the answers. Wishing for a personal miracle. But then, he looks up.

Jesus looks up past all of those close around and locks eyes with a woman at the back of the room. He zeros in on her. Into her situation. In a crowd she is seen. He zones in on her and it’s like he’s looking right into her soul. He knows her more than she even knows herself She knows He loves her.

When I consider what God might think of me, I often think of this picture of Jesus and how I too am SEEN. KNOWN. LOVED.

I am SEEN.

Regardless of what is going on, on what I am doing or not doing. Whether my life is busy and overwhelming. Whether I am proud of myself and my actions and motivations, or feeling less than ideal, he looks past all that peripheral stuff and looks straight into my heart. He sees what’s really going on. I am SEEN.

I am so KNOWN by him.

He has compassion. He doesn’t get distracted by a justification I might concoct, but instead just pierces through with understanding and knowledge. He knows how I tick. He knows my natural bents and my go-to habits, good and bad. He knows it all. There’s no manipulating God’s opinion of me!

And maybe that’s uncomfortable for you. However, to be seen or known is not actually something I dread or something I’m afraid of. I actually find it comforting that someone knows me so well. I find it grounding and peaceful. We all have a deep-seated need to be known and loved. God made us that way. And not it’s not just for other humans to know us so well (as much as we love you husbands and bff’s!) but it’s a place for being known by God himself.


When I truly grasp that God loves me, the fact he sees me isn’t filled with shame or avoidance. I’m not embarrassed and don’t feel unworthy. Quite the opposite. It’s almost like a breath out. To be able to come to someone who loves you completely without any agenda, brings me a lot of relief. I don’t have to understand the details, the why (even thought I may ask!), or the how, but I can just rest knowing he loves me. Knowing he sees, knows and loves me regardless. He has the best way planned for me. 

As I was thinking about designing a new journal collection for you, these three words just kept rattling around in my head. I knew it was a message for more than just me. I believe it’s a message we all need to be reminded of as we live out our lives. If we can live out of this truth that we are seen, known and loved, how influential can we be for God and his kingdom?! Powerful!

This is my prayer for you. That you will be reminded that God is so very personal. He is so interested in you. He has a big plan for your life, but while it’s big and advetnurous, it’s also so very intricate and personalised.



Story paraphrased from He Still Moves Stones by Max Lucado

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