Sing it until you believe

Posted on 16 January 2017

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When I have a new CD, and every track is unknown, it takes me a little while to find a hook or song that really jumps out and gets me loving a new album. I was on my way to the shops on Thursday night. On my own. In the car just driving in the dark. (Heavenly for this mum!) I turned on the music to listen to a new CD I'd received for Christmas. And I found my hook song...

Track two. The words "You came. I knew that you would come", "With one word my heart was beating", "My fear was turned to faith", "You came..." "You are a miracle working God"

{You Came (Lazarus) - Jonathan David & Melissa Helser}

I wanted to sing that line "you are a miracle working God" but I just choked up and the words wouldn't come out. Because right now...

I don't see the miracle. 

I know he comes. I know he hears. I know he orchestrates miracles. But will he do it for me?

I drove along with unanswered prayers running through my mind. I know He is able. 

I have been praying the same prayer for three years. But are you really coming?

I encourage others to believe, to trust, to seek, to know that he does. And it's genuine. I honestly believe His word and look back and see the way He has indeed answered my prayers in the past. But with this ONE THING....this ONE DESIRE...does He? Will He?

Do I dare to even pray one more time? Will I let my faith override my fear of disappointment yet again and keep praying? 

But then a thought came. What if I sang it as a line of truth that I know in my head, even though the circumstances in my heart sing a different song? What if I let the truth speak over me and be a declaration of faith, rather than a feeling of disappointment?

What if this truth travelled from my head and trickled into the disappointment and hurt in my heart? 

This song has become my anthem this week. I keep finding myself singing and declaring God's ability and desire to do a miracle in my life. "You are, a miracle working God!". 

Sitting in Church on Sunday, another thought jumped into my mind. 

"Sing it until you believe".

So I'm singing. I'm speaking to that mountain in my life. With the power of God within me.

He IS a miracle working God. I can't wait to tell the story of how...

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  • Julie: February 09, 2017

    love it!

  • Jordan | Honey & Gold: February 04, 2017

    Thanks so much Amanda xo We just joined the choir together! : )

  • amanda scheel: January 17, 2017

    Stumbled across your blog, bless you for sharing your real vulnerable heart cries! Your hook song has hooked me too! -Amanda

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