When Life Isn't as I'd Hoped

Posted on 11 January 2020

What do you do when you don’t see things working out like you’d hoped?

What do you do when you pray the same big prayers, but don’t seem to hear any answers?

When I struggle to see the big changes, the 180 degree shift in circumstances...I’ve learnt to ‘go small’.

Instead of the disappointment or discouragement that the big picture situation hasn’t changed, I’m learning to look for the small things. The small answers, the small changes, and the small gifts in my everyday, and right from WITHIN the circumstances.

We can get so busy looking for the big change, ‘breakthrough’ or win and completely miss all the small things that make up a wonderful life! •

Writing these down in the Finding Joy Gratitude Journal is a quick and simple daily practice that helps keep our eyes fixed on the One who has already given us everything we need!

Instagram Post January 11, 2020

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